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Project Overview ✱ Project Overview ✱
Project Overview ✱ Project Overview ✱
Project Overview ✱ Project Overview ✱


Token Picks




London, Nigeria



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Brand Identity Design

Visual Communication Design

Project type

New brand

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The Client

TokenPicks is a crypto research platform which turns data into actionable investment insights, to help investors beat the market.

With offices in London and Nigeria, TokenPicks is on a mission to make earning money in crypto simple.

“With the right tools, any ordinary person can achieve extraordinary results.” – Ikenna Denning

The Challenge

At the time of project development, TokenPicks was a relatively new brand in the crypto space.

It’s 2021, the world doesn’t need another crypto platform. However, it does need a simple way to earn in crypto as millions of people lose their money on crypto investments yearly. Orpheez’ task was to create a brand that would stand out as a real solution in a market filled with fears, tears and losses. Our goal through design was to ensure users felt safe using Token Picks.

Solution & Approach

Through thorough market research and analysis, we developed an identity that is simple and uniquely Tokenpicks. Our team adopted a human-centred and direct approach, emphasizing the crucial aspects of TokenPicks: it’s educational offerings, clear content, and messaging.

Drawing inspiration from Tony Robbins’ quote, “80% is psychology and 20% is mechanics,” the identity  revolves around and centers on people.